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I'm Sarah and I'm probably too old to be spending as much time as I do on tumblr.

This is a "whatever the fuck I want to post" type of blog. Some of the things I love that can be found here include: Autumn & Halloween, true crime (Columbine, West Memphis 3, Jeffrey Dahmer, Michael Alig, etc.), Bates Motel, X-Files, Beavis & Butt-Head, Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Ramirez, cult films, pin-up girls, art, sex/sexuality, body modification, riot grrrl/female-fronted bands, bats, cats, hedgehogs, skulls & skeletons, make-up and nail polish, alternative fashion, nature, gemstones, cute shit, funny shit, weird shit, politics, and much more.

I have the habit of not using discretion most of the time. If you want to make my day, follow me or send me something in my ask box. I don't always follow back, but if you post things I would reblog, and/or interact with me, I probably will.

Oh, and my queue is almost always on ♥

Pokey is just as awesome as Tarder Sauce but I feel he doesn’t get proper credit. So here is a Pokey appreciation post!

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    I thought I was the only girl in the Pokey fanclub
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    What’re pokies hobbies?
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